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Ashley's Attik is a collector of rare hotwheels, matchbox, hallmark keepsakes, barbies, Barbie dolls, hotwheels nascar and various hallmark keepsakes. We have hotwheels that may very well complete the collection in your possession. Ashley's Attik even has rare hotwheels and matchbox cars. Among other things like a 1964 "Agents of Shield Nick Fury" comic book and Sonny & Cher Dolls with Accessories. There's even a supply of "Cherished Teddies" to give to that special person in your life. New items in the original packaging, some slightly used in mint condition. "Rare Hallmark Keepsakes" some with certificates and a few items signed by the artist that hand painted them. Cherished Teddies and comic books and collectible keepsakes make Ashley's Attik what it is. Where else can you get Marvel comic books like a 1964 "Agents of Shield Nick Fury" in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Sonny & Cher dolls with accessories are here with a collection of other rare collectible items.

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