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About Ashley's Attik

Looking to Brighten Your Day from our Family to Yours

Ashley's Attik really took on a life of its own. It started very simple, a hard working single mom, dedicated to the simple way of life at home and working an enormous amount of hours to survive. All the while longing for something more, Ashley decided to push the envelope and started buying storage units from auctions. Quickly realizing a lot of people around her needed the various things she would acquire, Ashley decided that she would open her home in hopes of fulfilling other people's needs as well as the desire of being self employed. Today, Ashley's Attik is well on its way of doing just that. We really hope you find what you need or want and have fun doing it.
Welcome to Ashley's Attik and thank you for your support. -Ashley Waak-


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Store Benefits

For convenience of choice

We think about the convenience of your choice. Our products are supplied with star rating that should help hesitant buyers to make a good decision. What’s more, you can search our site if you know exactly what you are looking for or use a bunch of different filters that will considerably save your time and effort.

Delivery to all regions

We deliver our goods nationwide. No matter where you live, your order will be shipped in time and delivered right to your door or to any other location you have stated. The packages are handled with the utmost care, so the ordered products will be handed to you safe and sound, just like you expect them to be.

The highest quality of service

We guarantee the highest quality Online service. Our utmost goal is to make your shopping experience easy one. Happy customers let us feel certain about that. All items we sell pass thorough quality control, to avoid common shipping mistakes. Damaged items can't escape the eye of our delivery staff.


Robert Johnson

Senior salesman with 15 years of experience. He knows everything about the products we offer.

Jessica Priston

Mega positive shop assistant always ready to help you make the right choice and charm you with a smile.

Sam Kromstain

Wholesale manager. Contact him if you want to buy a batch of the products offered at our store.

Edna Barton

Quality control manager. Her mission is to check the products we ship and settle quality issues if any.


Mary Taba

“Guys, you rock! Made a purchase at your store recently. The order has been shipped and delivered on time. The quality is superb! The price is quite reasonable. Told all my friends about your excellent service and the variety of choice. I think I’ll be your loyal customer in future as well. I wish your store many more years of prosperity.”

Virginia Ubert

“Having the distressing experience with some online shops before decided to say ‘’THANK YOU” to all personnel of this store. You are not only friendly, but deliver really good products in the shortest possible terms. In a word, I am absolutely happy with my purchase and the service. Everything was perfect!”